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The Sensemaker

With its razor-sharp sense of humour and its unclassifiable genre, multi-award winning ‘The Sensemaker’ features a dystopian battle between a woman and answering machine. 
"An astonishing, disturbing shapeshifting sliver of genius" - Five stars Fringe Review.
"A journey from darkly comic to deeply discomfiting" - Five stars Fringe Biscuit.

The Sensemaker.jpeg

Gaslight me 

Winner of the NZ Fringe Tour Ready Award 2022! We are here to uncover all those little lies we tell ourselves, and maybe a few bigger ones too... Gaslight Me is a one-person show, devised by two queer theatre practitioners from Ōtepoti. The piece uses psychology and comedy hand in hand to expose the inner workings of past relationships with family, friends, and lovers.

Gaslight Me .jpeg

Miss Scrappe presents: Fool affrontal rudity

Aww bless, Miss Scrappe wants to make a comeback. She'll probably cronesplain a few things, sing a few old ditties, sort of shuffle about the stage... Spew bile and maybe do a few guitar bends - just sweet old lady stuff.

Miss Scrappe presents- Fool affrontal rudity.jpeg

Women Drinking Hemlock 

Inspired by the intriguing title of a lost Ancient Greek play, this is a feminist, sitcom-esque comedy that follows the hilarious antics between two rival breweries, blending romance with rivalry.

Women Drinking Hemlock .jpeg

A Scar is born 

A Scar is Born is the humorous story of one misfit’s hopeful audition. She reviews for the casting director important moments of her life and her journey from France to America. A cycle of songs recounting life in Marseille, Paris, New York and Florida, intertwined with sketches about the absurdity of modern existence.

A Scar is Born.jpeg

Ce la faro': Songs of Hope from the Shores of Italy 

Elyssa Vulpes is a well-travelled Italian singer-songwriter who has performed at various festivals around the world, including the Edinburgh Fringe. From her extensive genre-blending back catalogue of original Indie folk compositions, she offers songs of passion, sorrow and transformation shining a light of hope in these troubled times.

Ce la faro-- Songs of Hope from the Shores of Italy .jpeg

The Culture 

Katie & Will are best friends, podcast hosts, woke and VERY single. The search for love in the modern world can be dangerous for a gay man and a woman. Is their friendship enough to keep them safe? A one-act dramedy, The Culture tackles heavy issues with a light touch.

The Culture .jpeg

Mens rea 

If you walked in on your best friend, covered in blood, standing over her husband's body, would you get a mop? A funny, witty and deeply dark show about the struggles we face, the lines we cross, the people we love, and the expectations society puts on women.

Mens rea; A guilty mind.jpeg

Two Very Serious Plays

Do you want a crash course in what an artist is, AND how to be tough? Well you have come to the right show. Join "self-proclaimed" artist Phillip Smith, and Johnny “Tightbutt” Beranucci, as they very seriously enlighten and teach about artistry and toughness. Are you ready to be challenged?

Two Very Serious Plays.jpeg

To all the friends i've lost before       

Everyone knows there are a million ways to leave your lover, but how do you tell your friend you're tired of having semi-regular, awkward brunches? Together, Nat and Sam navigate the ethics of ghosting, the traumas of high school, and whether it's better to confront your feelings or walk away.

To All the Friends I-ve Lost Before .jpeg

Sax appeal 

Tāmaki Makaurau based, high energy, tongue-in-cheek musical comedy duo, Tough Tiger Fist present an hour of belly-laugh inducing songs you and your friends will love, even Craig that you showed a really funny YouTube video to that one time and he didn't even laugh.

Sax Appeal .jpeg
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